Love the idea of preparing dinner in a Parisian-style kitchen? How about the sleek style of Scandinavia? 

At By Darash, LLC, we visit European trade shows multiple times per year to stay up to date on the most current kitchen trends. For those who've spent some time in Europe, you may have realized that there are some significant differences between European and American kitchens. For those who haven't, this is one of our most frequently asked questions! Here we explain some of the general differences between these two styles of kitchens.

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European kitchens tend to have frameless cabinets, while American ones feature framed versions. An unframed cabinet is attached directly to the corner of the cabinetry, rather than the front frame. A framed cabinet has a face frame that is visible when you look at the cabinet straight on. European, unframed versions tend to offer a more contemporary look, while the American framed versions give a more traditional feel.



Europeans tend to have smaller kitchen spaces and a more simplistic design. Americans tend to buy groceries and other supplies to have for weeks at a time, while Europeans are more likely to purchase for current consumption. You will often find less storage space in European kitchens, as well as less upper cabinetry. However, we are more than able to accommodate for your storage needs, seamlessly integrating more space into your design. 




LAYOUT & Location

While American kitchens tend to be located in the main part of the house, European kitchens traditionally are located in a separate area of the home, away from the main living areas. However, we see recent trends of more multi-use spaces within the home - including the kitchen, dining and seating area all in one room. Our goal is maximize design potential through creating one big room where the kitchen adds to the space, rather than causes a distraction.

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You will often find appliances in European kitchens that camouflage right into the space itself. This is especially true of refrigerators or dishwashers, which feature cabinet doors on the front of the appliance to blend seamlessly with the rest of the storage space. You will also often find smaller and less appliances in European kitchens, however, we are able to fulfill all your needs, while integrating the more simple European style.

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