Listening to your needs, designing beautiful and timeless spaces

Our emphasis is on timeless, modern elegance that projects warmth. We leverage the most extensive inventory of European products available to ensure your project is unique and fits your lifestyle.



Bringing you cutting edge, high quality European materials

Exclusive to Texas, we work with our partners to bring you the highest quality, eco-friendly materials that will stand up to every day use and last a lifetime.



Installation services to ensure high quality, seemless integration

Where design and supply intersect to ensure a project is implemented to its fullest potential and customer satisfaction is attained.

For Residential/Commercial Builders

We work with builders at every stage of a project to ensure the design and materials complement the style and architecture of the finished products. With over ten years of experience working on a wide range of project sizes we are flexible and can adapt to your needs as they evolve.

For Residential Customers

If you are considering a kitchen design for a new home we are your best choice for a functional, contemporary, and elegant outcome to your project. Our goal is to enable your investment to not only to increase the value of your home, but that you will enjoy the timeless and comfortable spaces for years to come.

For Designers

Thinking of expanding your available materials and designs? We provide you access to innovative products that are at the forefront of the European interior design market so that you can be differentiated and more profitable.

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